Coastal Adventures All Women Course

June 2020 [TBA]

Tangier, Nova Scotia


Day 1 Meet at 9:00 am:

Opening Remarks and then on the water and begin with a review of basic strokes and techniques. Move on to Combination Strokes: Low Brace Turn, Draw on the Move/ Hanging Draw, Bow Rudder. The plan will be to stay dry.

Afternoon: Low Brace/High Brace. Focus on assisted rescues and self rescues. Kayak Rolls if we have time.
  Evening :

Lecture: Weather and Route selection

Camping at our base in Tangier

Day 2 9:00 am: Meet after breakfast
  Trip preparation Lecture: Navigation
Pack up to leave on the journey part of the course.
Late morning or early afternoon paddle towards campsite.

Rock Hopping

Camping on a wlderness island

Day 3  

More map/chart reading and navigation on the water
Other topics that will addressed throughout these three days are:
Group leadership and decision making
Reading water/weather conditions
Reading the sea/land boundary; rock hopping
Landing/launching under various conditions

Camping on a wilderness island

Day 4 Return to Coastal Adventures early afternoon for a Rolling lesson and other similar techniques (sculling for support etc.)


The goal of this course is to help participants develop the technical and judgment skills necessary for paddling the Atlantic coastal islands. The importance of safety will be emphasized throughout the course, as well as various approaches to instructing and guiding.

Note: Weather and water conditions are a major influence on sea paddling and we reserve the right to alter the schedule as needed.