June 26-29, 2021

The goal of this course is to help participants develop the technical and judgment skills necessary for leading trips among the Atlantic coastal islands. The importance of safety will be emphasized throughout the course, as will the various approaches to instructing and guiding. A certificate will be issued to all those who have satisfactorily completed the program. Paddle Canada and BCU certification will be available to those who have attained the requirements of the various programs.


Day 1 AM Equipment: Kayaks (design, construction, fit, etc)
Techniques: Basic paddling strokes
PM Techniques: Basic paddling strokes (cont’d)
Assisted rescues (e.g., Eskimo, TX, curl, all in)
Slide presentation: Sea Kayaking in Atlantic Canada
Day 2 AM Equipment: Paddles
Techniques: Basic paddling strokes (cont’d)
PM Self rescues (e.g., cowboy, paddle float; learn/improve Eskimo roll)
Evening Discussion: Navigation & Trip Planning
Day 3 AM Discussion: Navigation (cont’d)
PM Pack kayaks and begin journey
Evening Down time
During this trip we will emphasize the practical concerns of leading an extended sea kayaking tour along an exposed coastline.
The various topics will include:
- Basic paddling strokes under trip conditions
- Navigation and route selection
- Night paddle
- Deep water rescues
- Various towing methods
- Landing/launching under various conditions
- Reading the sea/land boundary; rock hopping
- Campsite selection, meal preparation
- Wilderness ethic
- Group leadership & decision making
- First Aid & evacuation procedures
Day 4 PM Debriefing

Note: Weather and water conditions are a major influence on sea paddling and we reserve the right to alter the schedule as needed.