The destination for our 11th Annual Alumni Expedition is once again the South Shore of Nova Scotia, better known to travelers as the Lighthouse route. The South Shore has been designated one of the world’s top ten coastal destinations by the National Geographic’s Traveler magazine and it’s ragged shorelines, winding roadways, and colourful villages reflect a maritime history that stretches back to when the Europeans first colonized North America. For seven days we leave the late summer bustle of the mainland and journey among the offshore islands, where the cars can’t go and the tourists seldom venture. This year we will begin our journey at Cape Sable Island where we ended our previous South Shore expedition 2 years ago. En route we will visit the remote light stations [including Cape Sable Island light, the highest in the province, the Salvages, Cape Negro, McNutts Island, and Gull Rock] and remnants of an island way of life now in the past. For the most part, only the sheep remain, left to forage unattended on the barren outposts along with remnants of previous habitation.

During the month of September the weather is usually at it’s best in Nova Scotia and the ocean waters the warmest. Temperate days will be followed by the fresh evenings announcing the advent of autumn. The rich light of the fading season will drape the land/seascape with melancholic hues as the prevailing southwesterly breeze nudges us up along this eclectic coast.

Trip Dates:             Wednesday, September 5 to Thursday, September 11
Trip Route:             Clarks Harbour to Liverpool
Trip Cost:               CAD $1595 + HST
Trip Leaders:          Scott Cunningham/Gayle Wilson
Prerequisites:          All previous CA participants (fit and keen)

Kayaking equipment
Paddling clothing
Laminated maps (to cover the entire route)
Great food (and lots of it)
Cooking utensils and cutlery
First aid kit
Repair kit
Shuttle service back to Clarks Harbour at end of trip
Re-supply during the trip

Camping gear
Personal clothing

For further information and booking contact:
Scott Cunningham  



-----------------The expansive crescent beach on Cape Negro Island

    Shallow, sheltered lagoon off Cape Sable Island  


Abandonned Homestead on Cape Negro Island 1992  


  Remaining foundation of Cape Negro homestead in 2016  



 Channel cuts through the Blanche Peninsula


Poles stuck in the mud guide the fishing boats through the narrow channels at low tide

  Northern Gannet resting on its journey south


  Sheep are still pastured on the deserted South Shore islands  
A welcome privy at an abandoned light station


Cape Roseway lighttower at dusk
  Ruins of WW2 fort on McNutts Island  
  Our tentative route for 2018