The destination for our 11th Annual Alumni Expedition is the western coastline of Nova Scotia. We begin our journey in Main-a-Dieu and paddle across to Scatarie Island where we will continue along a ragged shoreline of coves, inlets and headlands. The ancient volcanic rock has been cut and sliced by the incessant action of the sea to form a route of shoals, reefs and islets that are a marvel to meander among. Scatarie is the most easterly point in Nova Scotia and one of our largest offshore islands and a history that goes back to the French period where it was a major fishing station for the fortress at Louisbourg. Today day no one lives here [even the light station has been abandoned] and it has been designated wilderness area [for more complete description of the island: Scatarie: "Nova Scotia's Far East"].

Following our circumnavigartion of Scatarie we will continue along the meandering mainland coast to the imposing reconstruction of FortressLouisbourg and, as with our other journeys, we will camp in idyllic wilderness settings on the edge of the ocean. During the month of September the weather is often at it’s best in Nova Scotia and the ocean waters are among the warmest. The rich light of the fading season will drape the land/seascape with melancholic hues as the prevailing southwesterly breeze nudge us up the coast.

Dates: (7 Day Tour)

Monday, September 13 to Sunday, September 19


CAD $1995 + HST [$1795 with own kayak]

Trip Route :

Circumnavigation of Scatarie Island - Louisbourg]

Trip Leader: Scott Cunningham/Gayle Wilson
Prerequisites: Previous CA participants (fit and keen)

Kayaking equipment
Paddling clothing
Laminated maps (to cover the entire route)
Great food (and lots of it)
Cooking utensils and cutlery
First aid kit
Repair kit
Shuttle service back to Main-a-Dieu at end of trip

Camping gear
Personal clothing

For further information and booking contact:
Scott Cunningham [info@CoastalAdventures.com; 1-877-404-2774]



-----------------The expansive crescent beach on the western tip of Scatarie

    Meandering among the shoals  
  Ancient volcanic bedrock borders both the mainland coast and the islands.  


Camping at the edge of the ocean  





 Scatarie Island Lighthouse [Eastern end].


Louisbourg Lighthouse - site of the first lighthouse in Canada

  Preparing fresh mackeral over an open fire


  Sheltered coves along the southern shoreline of Scatarie  
  Heart of Stone - a natural quartz intrusion  
Rusting remains of large navigation buoy


  Fortress Louisbourg - The Frederick Gate  
  Our tentative route for 2020