A Guide to Paddling Routes Along the Coast of Nova Scotia
3rd Edition (2013)

The revised and updated book by Scott Cunningham from Nimbus Press

"We want to express our appreciation for the information you published in Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia. We paddled several of the eastern shore areas described in your book and had a wonderful time."

Phil & Phyllis Allin
Englewood, CO

   Paddle along a glacier-scoured coast or over the highest tides on earth. Explore a sea cave, relax on a gentle beach, or camp in the splendid isolation of a deserted island. The possibilities are endless. Nova Scotia has some of the most spectacular coastline on the continent and the sea kayak is ideal for exploring those isolated nooks and crannies, where few other vessels dare to venture. With 48 detailed routes Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia includes useful information to make your kayaking expedition as enjoyable as possible. Each route includes departure points, trip lengths, necessary charts and maps, safety considerations and specific points of interest.

Here is the General Introduction, the Table of Contents from Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia, the Introduction to the Eastern Shore and the complete text and route map from the section on Tangier Harbour.

Any sea kayakers planning to visit Nova Scotia will find this book to be invaluable. It can be found at some local bookstores or ordered from Amazon.com or directly from Coastal Adventures at:

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