Coastal Adventures has a large assortment of single and double sea kayaks (both polyethylene and fibreglass) for rental. Manufacturers include P&H, Wilderness Systems, Current Designs, Boreal Designs, Necky, and Valley Canoe Products. Included in the rental fee are life vest, spray skirt, paddle and spare, pump, and map (for local area).

1/2 Day
(4 hours)

Prices in Canadian dollars. Tax extra.
Damage deposit required.

Additional accessories for rent include VHF radio, cold water gear (wet suits, pogies, neoprene hoods and booties), compasses, tow ropes and paddle floats. Enquire for prices.

For safety reasons we reserve the right to decline rentals to those with insufficient kayaking experience and we can't rent to solo paddlers unless they have a minimum of a Paddle Canada SK 1 [or equivalent].

Single Kayaks


Double Kayaks




All kayaks come equipped with rudders or skegs. Call for further details.

Sale Price
Original Retail Price
Single Kayaks
Chatham 16" (Necky) SOLD Polyethylene $1095 $1495
Sedna (Boreal Designs) SOLD Polyethylene $995 $1295
Slipstream 16' (Current Designs) SOLD Fibreglass $1495 $2500
Meridian16.5' (Tieken Kayaks Fibreglass $595 $2500
Storm 17' (Current Designs) Polyethylene $1095 $1595
Double Kayaks
Southwind 21' (Seaward) Fibreglass $1495 $3950

Canadian dollars. Taxes extra.
All kayaks come equipped with rudders or skegs. Paddles and spray skirts extra. Call for further details.


Bothy Bags
[named after the remote shepherd huts in the Scottish Highlands] are personal emergency shelters used for many years in Britain. They provide excellent protection during inclement weather for paddlers especially when the possiblity of hypothermia arises after an unexpected capsize in cold water or landing for a lunch break on a windswept shoreline with little natural protection. It is also useful for cross country skiers, backcountry bikers and climbers. Once inside it warms up fast with your own body heat.
They are lightweight, and quick and simple to deploy. No ropes or trees needed!

4-Person [best for 2 people]: $100 + tax
8-Person [best for 4-6 people]: $150 + tax 

We can drop off in Halifax/Dartmouth.




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