A Sea Kayaker's Perspective


  For generations the lighthouse beacon has guided mariners through the dangerous waters for our

rocky coastline into the shelter of our ports and until the mid 1980’s most were still maintained by keepers. During my circumnavigation of the province in 1980 I had the fortune to visit many of these outposts and witness a fascinating lifestyle that was, even then, being rapidly replaced by automation. Today, there are no manned lights in Nova Scotia and few people to tell their story. Join me on a sea kayaking journey to some of the more remote light stations along our Atlantic coast, many just a day trip from Halifax, and learn more about the history and importance of these iconic symbols for our maritime history.


Tuesday, May 13, 7 PM
Halifax, Nova Scotia





Dr. Scott Cunningham is a biologist and sea kayaker who has explored the Atlantic coast by canoe and sea kayak for over three decades. In the summer of 1980 he circumnavigated the entire coastline of Nova Scotia in an open canoe, and in 1982 he established the guide service Coastal Adventures. He has written extensively of his experiences in articles for outdoor magazines and books depicting the region and has published Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia; A Detailed Route Guide (3rd Edition 2013). Cunningham has also been instrumental in promoting sea kayaking standards and developed Canada’s first national sea kayaking program for Paddle Canada and former chair of the SK Program Development Committee. He is also a BCU Coach 4 (sea) and has paddled extensively Germany, France, and Great Britain.

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