That was a truly great, great vacation. Thank you so much!

Gunner Dietz,
Pulheim, Germany















"Our five days were superb and we weren't nearly ready for the trip to be over.
We will be back to paddle with you again."

Laura Moorehead

















"A fantastic trip: great food, wonderful scenery and delightful company. All the staff were extremely friendly."

Karen Chen











"The organisation of the food was amazing and so very, very good. Those home baked cookies and cakes made the trip even better."

Bob Archer
Amherst, MA











"I really appreciated your efforts to give us an appreciation of the natural history of the coast"

Joe Hermolin
Madison, WI















Notre Dame Bay (NL)

Trinity Bay (NL)

The Bay of Islands(NS)

Alumni Tour 2021



 Nova Scotia


3 Day Tour Dates: July 16-18, July 31-August 2, August 21-23
$725 Cdn*
5 Day Tour


July 31 - August 4
  Fee: $1195 Cdn*
Departure:   Coastal Exploration Centre, Tangier, Nova Scotia

Only an hour from metropolitan Halifax, along Nova Scotia’s ragged Eastern Shore, lies a fascinating and largely forgotten archipelago of wilderness islands. These isolated outposts of beach, bog, barren and forest have retained their pristine nature, changing little since Samuel de Champlain France sailed among the islands of the Eastern Shore in 1607. He was the first European to chart this rugged and indented coastline. His original name of this section, “Baye de toute Isles”, still remains with us today. Recently, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust has launched a campaign to preserve this unique natural heritage for future generations.
During our 3-5 day tours we will journey among this exceptional island group as we interpret it’s unique biology, geology and human history. Our meandering path will take us to seabird colonies and seal haul-outs, along sand beaches and under exposed cliffs, and into idyllic hidden coves where few other vessels dare to venture. This is a sea kayaking tour for both beginners and families, as well as the inquisitive expert.

We can also often organize a 3 day trip to the 100 Wild Islands for a minimum of 4 participants outside of our schedule.

Read a paddling article on the Atlantic Coastal Islands.

Read about the 100 Wild Islands Campaign







During this five day tour we will paddle under the shadow of the Cape Breton Highlands, on the northern tip of the province, where imposing rock formations flank the Precambrian granite of the highlands, and sea caves and spires adorn the route. Ragged and precipitous cliffs isolate the shoreline rendering this route one of the most inaccessible in Nova Scotia. The narrow, steep valley and gullies, interrupted by waterfalls lead up to the barren plateau with its panoramic view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Bald eagles nest on cliff ledges and are a common sight soaring high on the updrafts. Seals abound and we will often accompany pilot whales as they feed on the migrating mackerel and squid. This is one of the most spectacular sea kayaking areas in North America.
Read an article on the Cape Breton Highlands.

5 Day Tour Dates: August 7-11
  Fee: $1495 Cdn*
Departure: Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

THE BAY OF FUNDY (Apple River - Parrsboro)

The Bay of Fundy is renowned for the greatest tides on earth which, when combined with the highest cliffs on mainland Nova Scotia, make for a spectacular sight indeed. Our route follows the boundary of a continental collision that thrust Africa against North America eons ago and has left us with a geological wonderland. We will weave among rock gardens, poke into sea caves and glide under towering spires draped with seaweed far above the kayaks. Dark volcanic basalt caps bright redish sandstones where agate, amythest and jasper await the rockhound. This is where the earliest dinasaurs roamed the planet. It is a remarkable coastline which changes by the minute with the ebb and flow of the Fundy waters, and a unique sea kayaking destination.
Read an article on The Bay of Fundy.


5/8 Day Tour


July 27 - July 31/August 3


$1295/$1995 Cdn*



West Advocate, Nova Scotia



When an early Africa collided against North America millions of years ago unimaginable forces opened the earths crust to the molten magna from deep below. Massive granite domes were formed and then pushed to the surface. This is the most isolated coastal region of the province with a stark and compelling landscape where huge glacial boulders are perched precariously, overlooking the  uninhabited coastal islands. Where areas of shallow water cover the white bedrock the sea becomes a brilliant turquoise more reminiscent of the Carabeean than the North Atlantic. Even more impressive than the familiar Peggys Cove [but without the people], this is a memorable journey.




Dates: (5 Day Tour)

August 16-20


$1245 Cdn*


Charlos Cove




The Bay of Islands stretches from Sober Island to Ecum Secum (pronounced eee-come see-come) and was given it’s name by Samuel de Champlain who charted the coast over 400 years ago. He noted that the islands offered little shelter and, indeed, they are smaller, and further apart, and therefore more exposed than the Tangier grouping. However, they will appeal to those who seek an added aura of remoteness and the sea kayak is the ideal way to visit. Numerous seabirds make their summer home here including the Leaches Storm Petrel, rarely seen from the mainland since it nests in burrows exclusively on the islands and travels to and from it’s feeding grounds offshore at night (avoiding predation by the gulls). Their erratic flight pattern around the campfire has many a kayaker believing they are bats .Other nesting seabirds include Eiders, Common Tern, Black Back and Herring Gulls, and Gulliemots. Additional highlights include Pumpkin Island with its spectacular panoramic view from the top, the large Grey Seal herd on the White Islands, the Beaver Island lighthouse, and the Bird Islands.

3 Day Tour Dates: August 7-9, 28-30
  Fee: $750* Cdn
Departure:   Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia





Rated #1 by National Geographic’s Traveler magazine of the world's great coastlines for sustainability and authenticity, a journey to the Avalon Peninsula is like going back in time. It’s close-knit communities, strong local culture and unspoiled scenery provide unique insight into an earlier era. During this year's journey we will continue where we ended last year in the historic town of Trinity and make our way up the ragged western coastline to the tip of the peninsula where the isolated cliffs, coves and sea caves have not changed in millennia [including the impressive Dungeon]. We will likely once again encounter the whales that frequent this time of year and also pass by a large colony of the colourful, parrot-like, puffens. Our goal is the imposing light station at Bonavista built in 1843 and now a provincial historic site ane where you can climb to the top of the tower and gaze over the North Atlantic and possibly a few icebergs or a broaching Humpback.



Dates: (8 Day Tour)

July 26 - August 2


$2395 Cdn*


Trinity , Newfoundland



Nestled in Newfoundland’s northern coastline, Notre Dame Bay highlights a diverse archipelago that has offered sanctuary for travelers of the stormy Atlantic Ocean for ages. Visited by the Dorset Eskimo over a thousand years ago, they became the last refuge of the indigenous Beothuk. With the arrival of the Europeans these islands harboured thriving fishing communities. Today they lay silent, their inhabitants having moved to the mainland, or even further afield. During our voyage we will explore the region’s cultural and natural history, as well as paddle among the enormous icebergs that drift into the bay this time of year.

Read an new article by Scott from Sea Kayaker Magazine on the Northeast coast of Newfoundland

Dates: (8 Day Tour)

July 15 -22


$2395 Cdn*


Botwood, Newfoundland


The rugged shores of Newfoundland's Southwest coast have changed little since the first Europeans arrived over five hundred years ago. Deep fjords with abrupt, barren, walls alternate with the coastal islands to provide a captivating land/seascape. The rugged interiior offers splendid hiking opportunities where we may encounter moose and woodland caribou - and the most glorious wilderness campsites in Atlantic Canada. We will encounter few other travellers along this remote coastline. In the isolated outports we savour an enduring hospitality that belies an uncertain way of life as fishermen struggle to maintain their livelihood on a declining resource. On the last day of the tour we will return to our departure point via the coastal supply boat.


Read and article on the Southwest Coast of Newfoundland

Dates: (8 Day Tour)

August 13-20


$2395 Cdn*


Burgeo , Newfoundland




In this sea kayaking tour catering exclusively to women we will lead you among the 100 Wild Islands of the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. You will explore the various points of interest that make this area the paddling gem of the region. During the tour, instruction will also be offered in the various strokes and rescue techniques to those interested in improving their paddling skills.

Dates: TBA

Fee: $750 Cdn*

Departure: Coastal Exploration Centre, Tangier, Nova Scotia




Do you have a group with a special destination in mind? Do our dates not coincide with your vacation plans? Or are you looking for a particular focus (e.g., the biology or geology, cultural history, photography, etc)? Perhaps we can organize an itinerary outside our regular schedule. We can run a trip for as few as 3 partipants and as many as 20 and have lead tours for groups of friends, university classes, the military, as well as other outdoor companies. Contact us for suggestions.

* Prices are in Canadian dollars and exclusive of 15% sales tax.

If you would like to register for one of Coastal Adventure's tours or courses, here is our registration form in ADOBE PDF format.

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